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Nätverket Nordic Community for Distributed Presence/ NCDP

The main goal of NCDP is, through offering competency and technical solutions, to create live remote presence. NCDP provides the capability for creative new meetings over large geographic distance while omitting notably disturbing latency. NCDP offers a technical platform which combines innovative hardware and software connected to existing fiber-optic technology. The network consists of an open and voluntary commitment with a few that have taken a more operative responsibility within the project.

Mårten Fröjdö, Project management, prestudy & projects
marten (at)
+358 45 73700701

Mats Erixon, Stiftelsen Folkets Hubb, technology, system
mex (at)

Riku Roihankorpi, research and theatre, Tampere University
riku.roihankorpi (at)

Ian Plaude, SMI, live remote music teaching
rektor (at)

Ann-Cathrine Fröjdö-Brandt, Riksteatern, content and stage performance
ann-cathrine.frojdo (at)