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17 juni 2021

Läs slutrapporten om förstudien för Remote North här.

20 maj 2021

Läs artikeln ”How NRENs are keeping musicians and artists connected” där Remote North är med here

19 april 2021

Remote North och UKM, Kulturskolerådet Norge och Kulturtanken anordnar ett webinarium om kulturnät Norden den 20 april kl 12.30-14.00

Webinariet spelas in och läggs upp här några dagar efter eventet.

Länk till inspelningen:

Remote North NCDP deltar I den internationella remote workshopen NPAPWS21 den 27-28 april 2021.

Workshopen arrangeras av det europeiska forskningsnätverket Geant och Internet2.

Länk till alla presentationer:

22 mars 2021

Inspirations webinarium Västernorrland.
Titta på hela seminariet HÄR

20 December 2020

The cross-sectoral seminar " The Nordic Culture Network and a new digital format for artistic design and music teaching at a distance " was canceled due to Covid.

Parts of demonstrations and talks were documented on November 27 in Hallunda as a basis for further talks with the participants - researchers, creators and decision-makers.

About the ongoing work with The Nordic Culture Network, about artistic development, research initiation and knowledge based on low latency and performing arts and music teaching at distance. 

Organizer: Riksteatern, Remote North / NCDP, SMI (Stockholms Musikpedagogical Institute), in collaboration with the Stockholms Improvisation Theatre.

1 video, 6:44 min:

Summary Performing arts and music teaching at a distance, research initiation

Playlist, 10 videos:

Documentation Cultural networks, performing arts and music teaching at a distance, research initiation 

16 December 2020

Our partners in Tampere University have received fundig for two projects that include remote technology, MAGICS: National Infrastructure for human virtualization and remote presence (in collaboration with Helsinki University of Arts) and Live + Digital Audiences: The future of culture’s powerhouses (LiDiA).


Helsinki University of arts focuses on measuring and digitizing human activity; TAU for multimodal bodily interaction, game cultures, visual information presentation, and visual building digital worlds; Uniarts illuminates this whole from an artistic perspective. In collaboration with their industry partners, they research and develop shared digital spaces and remote presence.


LiDiA rebuilds the preconditions and possibilities of the performing arts: Its artistic work and research boldly follow the view that the sustainable and secure future of large audiences arises only from the hybrid operation of cultural powerhouses, small and medium-sized event houses and producers. Hybrid art simultaneously reaches an immediate, physical experience with international, virtual audiences.

2 December 2020

Last week, The National Theatre of Sweden
in collaboration with Stockholm's Music Pedagogical
Insitute, Nordic Center for Digital Presence, Net Insight and Stockholms
Improvisation theater would have organized a cross sectoral seminar on a new digital format for artistic design and music teaching with remote technology.
Due to the current situation with Covid-19, it was not possible to
implement but instead a demo was filmed which will be posted shortly
in this page.

30 September 2020

Riksteatern has received funding from the Regional Council of Västernorrland for a
Remote North/NCDP pre-study. Region Västernorrland writes in their motivation:
“The pre-study is expected to strengthen the development opportunities of cultural and
creative industries through remote technology.
The project is a collaboration with Folkuniversitetet, Norrsken AB, Riksteatern
Västernorrland, Scen Sundsvall, Stockholms Music Pedagogical Institute and
ulture schools in Härnösand, Kramfors kommun , Sundsvall, Timrå kommun and Örnsköldsvik. Work
starts October 1.

13 August 2020

Read more about how the National Theatre of Sweden and Remote North
samarbetar för att göra ett nordiskt kulturnät möjligt here (link opens in a new window).
You can also watch a presentation about their
mission from the digital information meeting "Arena" here (link opens in a new window).

14 May 2020

A project group consisting of Riksteatern SWE, SMI SWE, Norrsken SWE, Wasa Teater FIN, Teater Västernorrland SWE and Rosendals teater NOR has been set up as well as a Advisory board of Norsk kulturskoleråd NOR, CSC/FUNET FIN, North Cultitude Intl, Örnsköldsvik kulturskola SWE, NTNU NOR, Oslo Uni NOR.

Application to Creative Europe submitted, 350 000€

Remote North, nordic center for digital presence

13 May 2020

The Riksteatern production "3 Rum” is planned for late 2021 or spring 2022. It will be played on three stages simultaneously in Trondheim, Norway, Härnösand/Sundsval, Sweden and Vasa Finland.

Nordic Culture Point funding has been granted 50 000€.

1 May 2020

The NCDP network has formed a workgroup called Norröver for initiating feasibility studies in Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland-Härjedalen. Ca 15 organisations are part of the work group which is led by Mårten Fröjdö NCDP and Christer Uhre, Riksteatern (Swedish National Touring Theatre).

Applications for funding has been submitted to regional councils (RVN, RVB) and Leader (RVB).

1 April 2020

The production ”Man får väl ställa upp” was supposed to be sent from Svenska Teatern Helsinki to Bio Savoy Mariehamn using NCDP format C.

Due the pandemic the Finnish tour was cancelled. A new production is planned for autumn 2020.