Our technological solution provides the capability for creative new meetings over large geographic distance while omitting notably disturbing latency, with high-quality graphic and sound quality and superior stability compared to what is on offer today within commercial products and systems.

Nordic Community for Distributed Presence/NCDP har som huvudsyfte We seek to support all forms of live remote artistic performance, collaboration and arts teaching where ultra-low latency (technology with low delay) is a requirement 

We envisage new possibilities for cultural exchanges in groups – not only within professional art performance but also in schools and arts schools between pupils and pupils, pupils and teachers, teachers and teachers. Group-teaching regardless of geographical location becomes a feasible capability and encourages playing music in ensembles and with others. Music students that require teaching that the local arts school can’t offer in a particular instrument, kan continue their learning remotely and also connected to research. Arts schools staff can be professionally trained from tertiary institutions and schools can share their academic competencies without the need to travel to a common geographical meeting point. 

In terms of sustainability

The NCDP technology has the potential to drastically minimize the amount of transport and travel now necessary for rehearsals, lectures and performances. This means a reduction in recurrent heavy transport, accommodation and special arrangements locally, while simultaneously providing an optimal level of presence with minimal damage to our environment.

A survey was conducted during the winter of 2020 with the arts schools in the region of Västerbotten, in the north of Sweden. It exposed that some arts schools devote up to 80 hours/week transporting teachers to and from venues where pupils can be gathered, most of these teachers in their own private vehicles. For academic staff this means lots of working hours spent commuting instead of teaching, many kilometres of wear and tear on both driver and vehicle as well as several factors of personal risk and uncertainty e.g. the availability and preparation of the venue, the pupils’ attendance or if the teacher is inhibited, punctuality issues and other conflicts. Our project offers a “Plug-n-play” solution for all involved which is also an effective improvement in work environment for many.

NCDP technology offers improvements in:
Time efficiency
Travel costs
Environmental impact
Competence sharing
Professional development